cades cove bearsWhere are the Bears?

This is a  question we get asked frequently here at  Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins,  “are there any bears around the cabins?”  The last reporting we had of a bear at a cabin was about a year ago at our Heaven’s View cabin. The guestbook is full of entries reporting the sighting of a young bear visiting the cabin on almost a daily basis. He obviously moved on to new ground as we have not had any sightings at this cabin for quite some time now. There was also a report of a bear visiting our Precious Memories cabin,  he came up and surprised a guest sitting in the hot tub! That was about two years ago. So it is not a common experience that you would see a bear at the cabin, but be assured that they are around. A trip down to the dumpster area will often reveal large bear tracks or a muddy print left on the dumpster by a furry friend trying to get at something inside. So please, keep the door to the dumpster locked and whatever you do “Don’t feed the bears!”
The best opportunity to see wildlife of any kind is in the park at Cade’s Cove.  So while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains area be sure to plan a day trip up to Cade’s Cove for your best chance to see the bears!