Poison Ivy~


Poison Ivy.  I'd like to say in our never-ending desire to provide you,  our guests,  with the most up to date information on the Smoky [...]

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Todays Weather Forecast


85 Degrees and Sunny! It is only the first week of April and already it is feeling like mid-summer in the Great Smoky Mountains!  Today [...]

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Outdoor Tourism in Tennessee


Ultimate Getaway The state of Tennessee is promoting outdoor tourism this spring on their new website www.tnvacation.com/experiences/outdoor-adventure .  The sight highlights the east,  western and [...]

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Metcalf Bottoms Trail


Metcalf Bottoms Trail The Metcalf Bottoms trail runs from the Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Area to the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse.  This is a fairly easy trail [...]

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Spring is Here!


Spring is Here! Our unseasonal weather has brought spring to the Great Smokey Mountains early this y