Spiders & Snakes

I hate Snakes!  I don’t deny it.  I don’t like em!  I don’t even like writing about them.  But I feel as though it is my duty to inform the folks who stay in our cabins and visit the area,  and so I am reluctantly including this blog post on area snakes.

Firstly there are only two Species of snake in the Smokies that are poisonous,  that being the Northern Copperhead (pictured above) and the Timber Rattler.  There are 23 species of snake in the area,  so the chance you would come across a poisonous snake is highly unlikely and very rare.  There is no record of any fatalities from snake bite in the Smoky’s!  I find that to be very reassuring!

But here is how to recognize a potentially harmful snake if you should happen across one in the woods.  The Copperhead’s have a distinctive yellow tip on their tail.  They also have an “hour glass” shape on the bodies.

They can be several shades of different colors depending on the time of year and surrounds.  The yellow tip on their tail can also fade with time.  Poisonous snakes are often mistaken for harmless snakes.  So please if you see a snake,  just back away from it and let it be!

The Timber Rattler (bottom right) is easily spotted by its distinctive rattle!  The Timber Rattler is a passive rattlesnake and not aggressive unless cornered.  If you back off,  he’ll gladly beat feet the other direction!  If hiking in the woods it is recommended to always walk with a walking stick.  Reach out in front of your stride with the stick and especially tap on logs and other obstructions before stepping over them.

This snake is often mistaken for non-poisonous snakes too.  So please do not harm any snake or animal.  After all,  it is their house your walking through.  Give them a break and let them move on in peace!

So I have done my duty here to warn you of what to expect!  There is little worry of you coming across a poisonous snake in the Smokies.  If you do happen across one,  chances are if you leave it be it will take off and gladly leave you alone.  And again,  carry a walking stick when hiking through the woods – it makes hiking fun and alerts any snake of your presence.

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