Todays Weather Forecast


85 Degrees and Sunny! It is only the first week of April and already it is feeling like mid-summer in the Great Smoky Mountains!  Today [...]

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Online Traffic Map


Avoid Traffic Delays When planning your trip to the Greater Smoky Mountains region this year you can avoid unwanted traffic delays by using the State [...]

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Spring is Here!


Spring is Here! Our unseasonal weather has brought spring to the Great Smokey Mountains early this year!  The trees are all getting their leaves,  the [...]

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Avoid the Crowd


Avoiding the Crowd If you're like me you come to the mountains to get away!  Problems arise when too many people all decide to get [...]

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Old Farmers Almanac Predicts…


According to the Old Farmer Almanac From the page of the Old Farmer Almanac,  well known as the foremost authority on weather,  seasons,  plantings and [...]

Old Farmers Almanac Predicts…<