Last night around 10 pm it started snowing in Wears Valley at the higher elevations!  It continued to snow off and on through out the night and into this morning.  Around 8 am until about 10 am you could not see across the valley from one side to the other as the snow was falling pretty heavily.

About 11 am the temperature rose above 32 degrees and the snow quickly melted away… ah!  I did not venture down to the valley floor,  but I doubt if much snow fell down there,  it did not appear from my vantage point that there was anything on the ground down below.  The valley floor is at an elevation of around 1400 feet.

But from where I am staying at an elevation of around 1800 feet, snow did accumulate in very small amounts on the ground (but not on the roads).

It is a wake up call for us at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins to get our snow removal equipment ready for winter.  For a great cabin that you don’t have to worry about getting too in snowy weather,  check out our website at or give us a call 865.202.7657snow fall wears valley tn