I recall a teacher once telling me the only bad question was the one not asked. We encourage guests to ask us when they have a question. We are happy to answer any question. You can also find answers to questions in the “cabin book” that is in each cabin and usually found on the coffee table.

Reservations Questions:

Q. How do I go about making a reservation?

A. There are two ways you can reserve a cabin.
1. ONLINE – You may use the SEARCH – Enter the dates of your stay.
The available cabins for this time period will be displayed.
Find the cabin you would like to reserve and Enter the number of guests and click RESERVE.
Fill out the required information and you will be notified by email confirming your reservation.
2. TELEPHONE – You can call, 865-202-7657, and we will be happy to take your reservation over the phone and answer your questions!

Q. Do I need a credit card to reserve a cabin?

A. Yes, you must use a credit card to make a deposit to hold a reservation. The balance maybe paid by check if you prefer. Otherwise, we will apply the balance to your credit card at the proper time.

Q. What age do I have to be to reserve a cabin?

A. For reservations where 2 guests are staying, age 21.
For reservations where more than 2 guests are staying, age 25.
For Exceptions, please give us a call, we do sometimes make exceptions!

For more information on our rental agreements
See our Rental Agreement


Policy’s Questions:

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. Please see our Cancellation Policy here!

Q. Are your cabins Pet Friendly?

A. Some Cabins are. Some are not.
Some pets are allowed. Some pets are not. See Pet Friendly Cabins.
Please call: 865-202-7657 to inquire about a cabin.

Q. What happens if it snows? Will I be able to get to my cabin?

A. Most of our cabins have “all weather access”! We do have a man with a plow truck who will make every effort to open the road. So far, we have always gotten everyone to their cabin! God Willing we always will!
Read more on weather and snow removal More Information…

Q. What is the check in / out time?

A. Check in is after 4 pm.
Check out is before 10 am.
Sorry, but we have had to add a charge for not checking out on time! Call for details.
Bottom line, we need guests to check out on time!

Q. Can I check in early?

A. Currently our policy is to allow guests to check in up to 2 hours early if the cabin has been cleaned and is ready. This may change without notice…

General Questions:

Q. Where do I pick up the key to my cabin?

A. All of our cabins are self check in / out. Each cabin has a keyless entry (like on a car). Your confirmation letter will have the code.
If your cabin is on a gated road, that code will also be in your confirmation letter.

Q. Are your cabins hard to find?

A. Our cabins are near Wears Valley Road and not hard to find. Very clear directions will be included in your confirmation letter.
Directionally Challenged?
No problem, just call us and we will be happy to help!

Q. Can you send me the address of the cabin before we make a reservation?

A. It is our company policy not to give out address to the cabins prior to someone making a reservation. The reason for this is the safety of our guests.


Q. What will the weather be like during my stay?

A. You can probably find a pretty fair answer to this question on Google. But seriously folks, I do not know…


Q. Are there Bears/Wildlife near the cabins?

A. Most of our cabins are near the GSMNP and wooded area’s. There is wildlife about. You may or may not see any while staying. Please do not leave garbage out and keep the windows on your car closed at night!


Q. What do I need to bring?

A. We recommend you bring the following:
1. A flashlight so you can see the keypad to unlock the door after hours.
2. Binoculars and a Camera!
3. Your confirmation letter (it has the code and directions to your cabin)
4. Bar soap, shampoo and other personal items.
5. Extra paper products (the cabins come with a starter supply)
We do our best to keep the cabins equipped and stocked with everything needed for your stay. It is an impossible task to keep up with! If you find your cabin does not have something you need, you are welcome to call us and we will either provide you with what is missing or let you know where you can find it.


Q. Where is the code for the internet?

A. All information about the cabin can be found in the cabin book. Each cabin has a book and we do our best to keep the information in the book up todate!


Q. Where is the closest grocery store?

A. We have a list on our website! See local grocery stores here…



Q. Do you offer…

A. Weddings packages? Who, Where and When for weddings!… You can also give us a call and we will be happy to expand on all that is available!
See Wedding Information


Q. Can we have a reception at the cabin?

A. The cabins are not set up to handle extra guests. We recommend using one of the free areas offered by the GSMNP or a local company that specializes in just that sort of thing.