Everyone wants to enjoy the mountain tops!  We love to sit on them and look down!  We love to sit at there bottoms and look up!  But have you ever took a look “under” the mountains???

If you thought the tops of the mountains were beautiful,  wait until you get a look at the insides!  The Forbidden Caverns offer just that opportunity for the folks who don’t mind shelling out a couple of bucks and doing a little hiking.

Everyone over the years has found ways to use and enjoy them.  First, it was the Indians who used them for shelter,  mined stones to make arrowheads and like and may have even spent winters down there due to the mild climate and adequate water.  After that, it was the settlers who found them very useful as a refrigerator and an air conditioner!  The cave maintains a constant 58 degrees year round making them very handy!  Next it was the Shine Boys who found the seclusion underground a great place to set up their stills and make their homebrew!

This cavern goes up to 600 feet below the surface and is full of things you’d find in caves and caverns!   This place is the place to be on that hot day in July!  Come on down and visit the Forbidden Caverns!

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