Wears Valley BP  for lunch-

Ha,  don’t laugh!  This is a great place to go for lunch!  They have a large menu of burgers,  fries and personal pizza’s.  It’s always busy,  especially around lunchtime.  They have a few booths where you can sit inside,  but I prefer to eat outside in the little picnic area.  The food is good!  Prices are fair.  So for on those days when you’re running late and want to grab a quick lunch,  I recommend the Wears Valley BP gas station!

Once again,  another shameless plug for our Wears Valley Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins!  Click the link and take a look or just give me a call at 865-202-7657.  We are “making memories” at Smoky Mt Golden Cabins!  You just gotta love the mountains!