We have all seen the picture,  painting or print of this pair of hands.  I know I never gave it a thought.  I now have found out the story behind the hands and it is something to be shared!

In the 15th century in a small German town, there was a family with 18 children with the last name of Durer.  Two of the brothers,  Albert and Albrecht,  dreamed of going off to school to study at an art school.  With 18 children in the family, they didn’t even bother asking their father who barely kept food on the table.  So after many days and nights of scheming, they finally came up with a plan they thought would work.  After church, they would toss a coin.  The winner would go off to study, while the loser would go off to the mines to support the education of the winner.  After church,  they chucked the coin and Albrecht was the winner.  He packed his few things and went off to study for the next four years while Albert went and got a job working in the mines…

Well,  it didn’t take long and Albrecht was a star pupil with much of his artwork surpassing that of his teacher’s.  Four years went by and Albrecht graduated the top his class. He was an immediate success and fame and fortune soon followed as he started his own business doing commissioned artwork…

The time came for him to return to the small German town of his youth and they held a big banquet in his honor!  During the banquet Albrecht stood up and raised his glass to his brother Albert, who had supported him all those years by slaving in the mines,  he declared “Albert,  it is your turn to go off and study and brother I shall support you!”   Everyone cheered except Albert.  Albert sat at the table and with tears streaming down his cheeks made his own announcement,  “brother,  for me it too late…”  The years of toil in the mines had ruined his hands.  Every finger had been broken or mangled and arthritis had already set in.

And so it came to be,  that the famous Albrecht Durer,  in honor of his brother’s sacrifice painted his hands.  He gave the painting the name “hands”.  But soon the world hand renamed the work, “praying hands”.  Of all the work the great Albrecht Durer ever did,  the painting of his brother’s hands was the one for which he is best known.

And so next time you see a picture of those hands,  now you will know the story behind those hands.  No one ever makes alone…  I know we will be adding pictures of them to our Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”