Improv Fest Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered at becoming a comic or comedian?  Or are now a starving comedian looking to improve on last year’s fiscal outlook? (oh,  my stab at comedy and now you know why am but only a lonely blogger…)

The Gatlinburg Improv Fest is being held over four days in February at the Gatlinburg Sweet Fannie Adams Theater!  From what I understand,  there are a variety of classes for the novice as well as the professionals.  It is looking like they cost from $10-$40.

Now, this looks like so much fun!  First of all, it’s something you’ll probably never get to do ever again!  Secondly,  it’s got to be funny as all get out!  And thirdly,  what better way to put some little extra excitement into your Great Visit to the Smokies?

I seriously think you should go and sign up for this!  Check it out,  have some fun and come back here and leave the rest of us poor folk a full report on the great time you had by using our comments section!  Here is a link to Sweet Fanny Adams Theaters web site.

And of course, if you’re needing a great place to stay while having all this fun,  see what Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins has to offer here!