Fly Fishing / Smoky Mountains National Park


"Fly fishing for Trout and Game Fish" after hiking and sight-seeing is the next most popular activity! Many of the parks streams and rivers are located near the roadway or a hiking trail making it possible to combine a hike with a little fishing! The park has long had a reputation for a healthy trout population!

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Hiking Trails / National Park


There are 850 miles of trails that include 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail! There are trails that are fairly easy that lead to waterfalls or historical area's as well as trails that are more difficult that lead to ridges and peaks that offer excellent sight seeing opportunities!

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Elkmont, TN


Once the vacation area for the wealthy! Situated between Meigs Mountain, Sugarland Mountain and Cove Mountain in a narrow flat next to the Little River! A logging and resort community where the idea of a National Park first was purposed!

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