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Big stone lake


  Spring Fishing / Off the Dock

  Spring fishing off the dock will provide some of the best and fastest action of the year! From around May 15th and into the first part of June walleyes will come to the shore along the rocks to spawn.
Typically the best times to fish are at sun up and sunset. Standing at the end of the dock and casting back toward the rocks, parallel to the shore line and along breaks using a jig head produces very good results! White Fuzzy grubs or a bare jig tipped with a minnow work well. A slow retrieve while feeling the jig bouncing off the rocks seems to work very well. But be prepared with extra jig heads as you can expect to loose a few in the rocks!
During the daylight hours try using a crappie rig with minnows and making use of the docks the rod holders or casting a countdown rapela can produce also, especially if the wind is from the Northwest.


Spring Fishing / From the Boat

Early fishing from the boat is not for the faint of heart! But like fishing from the dock, your best results will come at dusk and dawn while casting the rocks along the shoreline!
Later in the spring as the water tempature begins to rise and before the weeds get too tall, the fishing from a boat trolling shallow running rapela's just above the newly forming weed beds can produce some of the best boat fishing of the year! The fish are in shallow seeking warmer water and feeding on the just hatched drum, sliver bass and perch young. A good color to start with is Black and Sliver or green with orange!


Mid Summer Fishing / From the Dock

Dock fishing now is becoming a little more of a challenge but persistance during this time has produced the largest walleye's caught from our dock! (usually from 3pm to 10:30pm)
The lake cycles through many changes through out the year and so it is a good idea to to not be afraid to try out new ideas. This is the greatest benefit of fishing two poles! With one pole you can use "what your supposed too" and with the second pole you can try experimentation!
The standard tackle we use while fishing off the dock is Crappie Rig with minnows, leeches or crawlers. The minnows we will try to size to the time of year typically using smaller ones in the spring and larger ones later on...
I cannot emphasize enough the use of "live bait" during this time of year! If you have gone 20-30 minutes without a bite. Reel in your line and check to see if you have an active "live" minnow.
Once again a Northwest wind produces the best action!


Mid Summer Fishing / From the Boat

Mid-summer fishing from a boat is an open proposition. My recommendation would be to try what you find works best for you!
We have had success pulling crawlers on bottom bouncers right along the weed line at 1 mph.
Others like to pull plugs on boards. Number 5's and 7 shad raps anywhere from 40' to 140' off the boards seem to have quite a bit of success!
Still other's will go out and cast the weeds using jigs, raps or soft baits!
I would try what you like best and keep an ear out for the lastest local knowledge as the lake changes constantly.


Recent Fish Caught on Big Stone Lake~

Walleye .............. 29 7/8 inches
Walleye .............. 28 5/8 inches
Northern ............. 10 pounds
Catfish .............. 36 inches
Crappie .............. 12.5 inches
Perch ................ 13 inches
Large Mouth Bass ......18 inches
Sliver Bass............18 inches
Blue Gill .............17 ounces

Fall Fishing / From the Dock

Fall fishing at Big Stone means Perch! You can use either the tried and true Crappie Rig or a slip bobber with a small hook and minnow just off the bottom.
Fall fishing off the dock requires closer attention being paid to the actual line. The perch bite is typically very light and will not swing the rod holder out. Pay very close attention to any variation in the tightness of the line as this may single a bite!

Fall Fishing | From a Boat

Perch fishing from the boat can take a lot of patience until they finally school up.
Most folks will pull out their ice fishing tackle and poles to use while "still fishing" slip bobbers for perch.
The use of electronics in finding where they are can not be overlooked.
The most frequently used live bait are spikes, minnows or minnow heads and crawler pieces.



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