Bear Creek Cabin gets several new updates!

front sizedBear Creek Cabin updates this Month!

Bear Creek never looked better than it does now with it’s new coat of stain!  Bear Creek is a secluded 2 bedroom Wears Valley cabin that is owned by my brother Mark. He has spent a lot of time over the course of the last month going through the cabin and updating it from top to bottom!  All of this is over and above our regular maintenance work that is done on a on going basis.

porch sizedAll of the porches and decks received a coat of stain that has them looking very nice!  This deck also has a patio set and outdoor gas grill – making it a favorite with everyone staying in the cabin!

Just off to the right of this deck is the creek that flows past the cabin!

deck sized


Here is a photo of the front porch complete with a porch swing and rocking chairs.

Nice job Mark,  the cabin looks beautiful!


table sized

Here is the brand new Hickory Dining Room Table and Chairs!



DR sized


In this photo you can also see the new living room Hickory sitting chairs!

Other updates not in the photos include brand new wood flooring in the bedroom!


At Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins and our affiliated cabins companies (that being my brothers cabin and my niece’s cabins!) we are proud to offer you some of the best secluded cabins you will find anywhere in the Smoky Mountains!  Our cabins are clean,  well maintained and filled with the finest furnishings and amenities!

To book your next vacation in the newly updated Bear Creek or any of our fine luxury cabins,   please visit our website or just give us a call at 865.202.7657.  Thanks for taking time to visit and have a great day!

Signs of Spring!

budding treesbudding tree2The First Sign of Spring!

This week the tree’s have started to bud out!  With high temps reaching into the 70′s the tree’s have noticed the clocks got moved forward and they have decided it’s time to begin the cycle of renewal again!

Hopefully,  we are done with winter and we won’t get a killing frost.

Now is a very good time to get your reservations for the summer or fall made as the calendars at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins have been booking up!

For those who love the beauty of the wood,  check out this cabin,  Campers Bearadise!

Or give us a call at 865.202.7657  -  Thanks and have a great Spring Day!




Some Winter Photos of Wears Valley Area!

Wears Valley Road!

Wears Valley Road!

Road to Golden Memories!

Road to Golden Memories!

Road to Heaven's View before being plowed!

Road to Heaven’s View before being plowed!

Golden View Lodge!

Golden View Lodge!

Smoky Mt Golden Cabins plowing snow!

Smoky Mt Golden Cabins plowing snow!

Cove Mountain from Golden View Lodge!

Cove Mountain from Golden View Lodge!

Creek near Campers Bearadise!

Creek near Campers Bearadise!

Family Memories draped in snow!

Family Memories draped in snow!

Golden Memories!

Golden Memories!

Campers Bearadise!

Campers Bearadise!

Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins

Here at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins we often get questions about the weather at the cabins.  Some folks want to know if it ever snows at the cabins.  But mostly folks want to know is can we make it to the cabin if it snows?

So while we show some area photos here of the last snow fall I’d like to comment on those to questions and hopefully satisfy everyone’s questions!

The first photo was taken of Wears Valley Road and as you can see by the snow on the hood of my pick up at the bottom of the photo,  it had just snowed!  Wears Valley Road,  Route 321 is a state highway and they do a very good job of salting.

So under normal circumstances the roads around Wears Valley are generally pretty good,  even when we get a few inches of snow!  I did say the valley.  The higher up the mountains you go,  the worse the road conditions can become and the more treacherous too.  So I am only speaking in general terms about the majority of our cabins.


Now this next photo shows the road in front of Heaven’s View cabin prior to it being plowed.  You can see by the tracks I drove up and turned around and was just getting set up to unload the snow plow to clear the road way!

In the next photo,  there we are at the gate on the road to Golden View Lodge plowing the last large snow fall (8 to 10 inches).  So not only do we plow out our cabins,  but as time permits,  we even help out the neighbors!  Ok,  what is important to see in this photo is that as we are plowing,  the roadway under the snow is already melted.  30 minutes after plowing this road,  the snow that was left on the road had completely melted!

In this next photo it looks like it’s really snowing up at Golden View Lodge!  And it is,  but look closely at the driveway and you will see the snow here is melting!  The ground will hold heat and melt snow in all but the most severe snow falls at this level.  By removing the snow off the driveway,  it quickly melts when the sun comes out and heats the gravel or asphalt!  Golden View Lodge is at about 1800 feet above sea level.

On the next photo,  remember that the camera makes the mountains look twice as far away as they are in person!

Views like this is what enjoying time at the mountains in the winter is all about!

Here is a beautiful photo of the creek running near Campers Bearadise cabin!  I took this photo while parked on the bridge.  You have to cross the creek via this bridge to take the road going up to the cabin!

Just to the left where the snow is in the river you will often see a single crane standing ground in the river.  Quite stoic!


Here is a photo of Family Memories cabin on the level ground of the valley floor draped in a beautiful coat of fresh snow!

Beautiful mountain views and easy to get too!  We have not had to plow at Family Memories even in the worst of weather!   So if your not comfortable with winter driving,  Family Memories is a great choice!

Our little honeymoon studio cabin Golden Memories is also a great choice for a winter getaway!  Beautiful view of Cove Mt (not visible on this day) and easy to get too on a snowy day!




And finally a photo of Campers Bearadise on a snowy day!  Campers Bearadise is a great cabin for those using a wheel chair!  Friendly access in the cabin!  This cabin also has a lot of wildlife and is in a beautiful wooded setting!


Come and enjoy staying at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins,  were we won’t leave you to fend off the winter alone! or call 865.202.7657 Thanks!




New Winter Photos of Heaven’s View Cabin!

heaven's View cabin

Heaven’s View Cabin!

Winter Scene at Heaven's View Cabin!

Winter Scene at Heaven’s View Cabin!

Mountains on the far side of Townsend, Tn

Mountains on the far side of Townsend, Tn

View off the back deck from the main level!

View off the back deck from the main level!

Heaven's View front porch looking east!

Heaven’s View front porch looking east!

Living Room Patio set on the covered porch!

Living Room Patio set on the covered porch!

This first photo of the front of the cabin was taken during the last snow storm we had.  At the cabin it was estimated that there was 8 to 10 inches of new snow!

Thankfully the road to the cabin is not steep.  And we had the road cleared in no time!


This next photo was taken from the large covered porch on the main level.  It is snowing,  so you can not see the distant mountains on the far side of Townsend.





In this photo taken the day after the big snow fall you can clearly see the distant mountains!  You will also see that the snow on the tree’s has already melted and by now the road is completely clear of any snow at all with just a little remaining on the ground.


this photo was taken as the storm was just beginning.  You can see the snow on the tree’s and how the distant mountains just kind of drift into a fog.

It is so beautiful when the snow is falling and the fire place is cozy and warm!




Just another photo from the main level looking back to the east off the front porch!  Taken from about where the front door would be!




Here is the living room patio set taken on the day after the storm as we set out the cushions for the guests due to arrive later!



You too can enjoy your vacation at Heaven’s View cabin!  Follow this link to our website at  Come to the mountains and enjoy a Smoky Mountain Golden Cabin!  Find out what sets us apart from the rest!  We have a 100% success rate getting guests to the cabin so far to date!  So call today to book your stay! 865.202.7657


Snow at the Cabins!




Here is what it looked like at the cabin this week!  Here is Family Memories with a coating of the white stuff!




GM winter


Here was Golden Memories on a frosty morning!





Golden View Lodge!

Golden View Lodge!



And finally here is what it was like up at Golden View Lodge!  The roads were all open and clear,  so we left the snow equipment at the shop!


To see these and our other                       Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins or just give us a call at 865.202.7657 and you too can enjoy a winter wonderland this year in the mountains of Tennessee!




Wears Valley gets Snow!


Thanksgiving comes with a blast of snow!  Wears Valley got up to two inches of snow at some of the cabins this past week.  Is this what the winter will bring?  Local knowledge tells of a good bit of snow that is expected.  This they say is evident from some insects that are particularly abundant and by the coats on the furry animals in the area.  Time will tell!  Here are some photos taken the next morning as we drove to check the roads leading up to the cabins!  This first photo is of the gate at Golden View Lodge.

Rd to GVL2


This photo was taken on the road leading up to Heaven’s View cabin!  As you can see the roadway is still dry as the ground temperature still above freezing.  But the grass and leaves keep the snow off the ground,  so this is why there is snow on the landscape.

Wears Valley Winter



This photo was taken on route 321,  Wears Valley road right at the Blount county line,  just a few feet to where it descends down to Townsend.


snow removal equipment


At Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins we have our own snow removal equipment and work hard to keep the roads to the cabins open for our guests!  Give us a call for all weather cabins at 865.202.7657 and come up and enjoy the beautiful scenery this winter!

Heaven’s View cabin gets some updates!



Heaven’s View Cabin;

Heaven’s View cabin got some needed updates this past month!  The dishwasher was replaced with a brand new top of the line dishwasher from Blalock’s Hardware in Sevierville.1118131253

The cabin also saw a new sofa and love seat delivered!  The “old” sofa and love seat were only 3 years old and looked like new in July.  But sometime after that they suddenly started to delaminate.  Before long they looked like they were left overs from the Carter administration. So last month we ordered a new sofa and new love seat!  The old set was in fine shape apart from the material coming apart,  so we decided to take them down to a local upholstery shop to have them recovered.

The man at the upholstery shop told us the sofa and love seat were “American made”  but that the material that delaminated was Chinese.  The new material will have the same look and feel but will be an American product this time!  We can not wait to see how it turns out!


Keep watch for updates on our cabins at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins and we’ll keep you posted on how the upholstery job turns out!

Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins,  Wears Valley, Tennessee.  Call 865.202.7657 Thanks!



Family Memories get a new driveway!

Family Memories

New Pavement!


Family Memories Cabin gets some new pavement on the driveway today!  This spring saw Family Memories getting a new coat of stain.  Today she got a new layer of pavement.  We continually are working to improve our cabins and keep them in the best shape possible!

To see more of Family Memories cabin as well as all of our fine Wears Valley Cabins at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins or just give us a call at 865.202.7657  Thanks!

Family Memories gets a new coat of stain!


Family Memories cabin has just been given a new coat of stain this spring and is now even more beautiful than ever!  We work tirelessly to keep our cabin in tip top shape.  Family Memories was stained with a new solid color stain that will help us keep the cabin looking good all the time.


Other updates to the cabin include a new front load washer and dryer.  We also painted the game room and add several new pictures.FM Stain


To make your reservation at this fantastic Wears Valley cabin,  please visit our website at Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins or give us a call at 865.202.7657

New Snow Removal Equipment!

snow removal equipmentSmoky Mountain Golden Cabins  has purchased some new snow removal equipment in anticipation of the snow fall this winter!  This is the best way we know to keep it from snowing!  So far it has worked!

Our 2007 Polaris Sportsman ATV is now equipped with a 52 inch country plow (made for doing roads and long driveways) and a salt spreader as well (not pictured).

Our guests can be assured that we do everything possible to keep the road to the cabin open.  Todate we have always been able to get guests to all of our cabins!  Some come on up to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views and affordable rates!

Smoky Mountain Golden Cabins  or give us a call at 865.202.7657